S.No.TitleVol. and
1.Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Promoting Education in India.III and IIDownload
2.Evaluation of Startups in India with special reference to the Logistics Sector.III and IIDownload
3.Affect of Fourth Industrial Revolution on Employment.III and IIDownload
4.Financial Performance Analysis - A Case study with special Reference to ICICI bank.III and IIDownload
5.An Empirical Analysis of Public Perception towards Cashless Transactions with
reference to Gudivada, Krishna District, A.P.
III and IIDownload
6.Mutual Funds as a Tool for Financial Inclusion.III and IIDownload
7.Venture Capital Opportunities in India.III and IIDownload
8.The effect of Working Capital Management on Firms Profitability.III and IIDownload
9.A Study on Performance Evaluation of Various Sectoral Indices Using
Sharpe Ratio - With Reference to National Stock Exchange.
III and IIDownload
10.A study on Online-Shopping Behaviour in the Digital Era.III and IIDownload
11.A Study on Emerging Trends in E-Commerce in India.III and IIDownload
12.Customer Co-Creation to provide perfect Customer Experience:
A Conceptual Review and Application.
III and IIDownload
13.New Paradigms in Leadership.III and IIDownload
14.Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage through
Core Competencies.
III and IIDownload
15.HRD Strategies for Indian Insurance Companies.III and IIDownload
16.Employee perception on Training and Development in Multi National Companies
a study with special reference to Sri
City Industrial Hub, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.
III and IIDownload
17.Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Performance.III and IIDownload
18.Women as Change agent: Reminiscences from Indian History.III and IIDownload