S.No.TitleVol. and
1.General Management Practices of SHG's: A Case Study of Income
Generating Women in W.G. District.
III and IDownload
2.An Empirical Study on the Impact of Geographical Factors on Sector
Selection of Women Entrepreneurs with reference to Krishna District.
III and IDownload
3.Corporate Social Responsibility in India - A descriptive study on Emerging Trends.III and IDownload
4.Embracing New Technologies for Improving the Business Education Curriculum in
Tertiary Institutions in IMO State.
III and IDownload
5.Money at Call Business in Andhra Pradesh :
A Huge Financial Loss to the Receiver.
III and IDownload
6.A Comparative Study of Indian Gold Schemes with Special Reference to GDS and
GMS in Indian Context.
III and IDownload
7.Critical Analysis of Commodity Futures with Special Reference to Multi
Commodity Exchange MCX.
III and IDownload
8.Performance of Public Sector Banks Scrip's
(With use of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis).
III and IDownload
9.Housing Finance Schemes in Andhra Pradesh.
(A Comparative Study between SBI and ICICI Banks).
III and IDownload
10.A Study on Factors Affecting the Fund Selection Behaviour of Mutual Fund
Investors-with Reference to Guntur (Dt).
III and IDownload
11.On Time Payments An Important Marketing Mix Element
in Construction Industry.
III and IDownload
12.Retail Sector in India: Driving Factors and Challenges.III and IDownload
13.Analysis of Stress Management in Banking Sector- Nationalised Banks.III and IDownload
14.A Study on Employee Empowerment with Reference to Selected Hospitals in
Krishna and Guntur District.
III and IDownload