S.No.TitleVol. and
1.Need for Road Safety Management in India.II and IIDownload
2.A Study of the Association between Parental Education and Occupation
and Academic Anxiety and Academic Stress of High School Students.
II and IIDownload
3.An Empirical Study on the Handloom Sector in Andhra Pradesh with
Special Emphasis on Production related issues and challenges.
II and IIDownload
4.The Application of Knowledge Creation in a Cotton Ginning Mill.II and IIDownload
5.Indian Granite Industry at a Glance.II and IIDownload
6.Motivation in Management.II and IIDownload
7.FDI Impact on Indian Retail Sector.II and IIDownload
8.Performance Evaluation of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India.II and IIDownload
9.Analysing Customer Satisfaction: The Textile Industry.II and IIDownload
10.Impact of Celebrity Endorsements towards Television Viewers:
A Perceptive - Vijayawada City.
II and IIDownload
11.Retail Sector in India : Driving Factors and Challenges.II and IIDownload
12.An Empirical Study on customer's satisfaction towards organised retail
outlets in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.
II and IIDownload
13.Innovative Branding Strategies of Ambush Marketers: A Case Study of Olympic
II and IIDownload
14.Rise of the Rural Rich-Changing the Dynamics of Rural Marketing.II and IIDownload
15.Neoteric Trends in Marketing.II and IIDownload
16.Retail Location Attributes: Does Organised Retail Outperform Unorganised Retail
in India.
II and IIDownload
17.The basis of Market Segmentation: A Critical Review of Literature.II and IIDownload
18.Turning the Wave of Labour Unrest in India.II and IIDownload
19.Employee Engagement and Its Impact on Employee Retention and Performance.II and IIDownload
20.Perceptions of Executives on Corporate Governance Practices at Visakhapatnam
Steel Plant.
II and IIDownload
21.Ethics in Human Resource Management Practices in Public and Private Sector
Units in Visakhapatnam.
II and IIDownload