S.No.TitleVol. and
1.The effectiveness of three methods of instruction on
students' achievement in statistics.
II and IDownload
2.Knowledge Management in Industrial Design: A Key Factor
in Metal/Jewellery Ceramics and Graphic Design.
II and IDownload
3.Corporate Social Responsibility.II and IDownload
4.Practice of Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities in Public
and Private Sector Secondary Schools in Visakhapatnam City.
II and IDownload
5.Corporate Governance: Issues and Challenges in India.II and IDownload
6.Multiplex Boom in India.II and IDownload
7.Rural Indians more employable than those of the Urban.II and IDownload
8.Financial Inclusion through Commercial Banks - A Feasible Option
for Inclusive Growth.
II and IDownload
9.Risk Management in Banks - A Basel Norms Perspective.II and IDownload
10.The Role of Customer Relationship Management in Banking
Sector With Reference to State Bank of India.
II and IDownload
11.Prominence of Retail Banking System in India with reference to
State Bank of India.
II and IDownload
12.An Empirical Study on Linkage Dynamics between Foreign Exchange
Market and Equity Market Returns in Indian Context.
II and IDownload
13.Performance Evaluation of Andhra Bank in India.II and IDownload
14.A Research Oriented Methodological Approach for the Motor Vehicle
Centers with Customer Relationship Management for the Meta-Analysis and
the online survey for the end results.
II and IDownload
15.A Study on Customer Relationship Management with reference to ICICI Bank
in Hyderabad.
II and IDownload
16.Market Segmentation - A Tool for Poverty Alleviation.II and IDownload
17.New Trends of Intelligent E-Marketing based on Web Mining for E-shops.II and IDownload
18.A Study on Customer Preference and Satisfaction towards Modern Shopping Malls
in Bangalore City.
II and IDownload
19.A Study on Rural Market in India: Strategies and Issues.II and IDownload
20.Convergence of E-CRM with E-Commerce to reap the Customer Loyalty for
Long Term Endurance.
II and IDownload
21.An Investigation into the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Cultural
Intelligence : Case of Iranian Students.
II and IDownload
22.A Study on Training and Development Practices in Corporate Retail Sector.II and IDownload
23."Quality of Work Life" among Doctors in Hospitals.II and IDownload
24.Strategic Leadership and the Work Environment: An Empirical Investigation of the
Role of Leadership in Enhancing Knowledge Management Practices of selected Private
Higher Education Institutions in Botswana.
II and IDownload
25.Teamwork, Productive Potential and Employee Welfare.II and IDownload
26.Indian Banking Sector Role of Human Resource Management.II and IDownload
27.Strengthening Human Resource Practices in Healthcare in India: The Road Ahead.II and IDownload
28.Labour Welfare Measures.II and IDownload