S.No.TitleVol. and
1.Design and Verification of 16 Bit Vedic Multiplier Using
3-2 Compressors and 4-Bit Novel adder.
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2.Finite Element Structural Analysis of Mating Gears to Increase
the Tooth Life.
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3.Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Based Web Services for
Geographic Information Systems.
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4.Innovation Technology for Mass Utilisation of Fly Ash as Backfilling
Material in Open Pit Mines.
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5.Role of TQM in Achieving Competitive Advantage.I and IIDownload
6.Towards Greener Clouds : Energy minimization approaches in
Cloud computing.
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7.Strategic KM as Response to Globalisation.I and IIDownload
8.Social Exclusion in Rural Areas: An Appraisal.I and IIDownload
9.Social Differences in Project Management.I and IIDownload
10.An Analysis of Growth, Development and Performance of
Textile Industry in India.
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11.Quantification of Subjectivity for better Decision making-Role
of Mathematics.
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12.Women Entrepreneurship Problems and Prospects in
Indian Scenario.
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13.Members Perception on the Impact of SHG's: A Case Study
of Income Generating Women in W.G. District.
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14.Bank Loans an Analysis of Credit Risk to Put the Right Price.I and IIDownload
15.A Review of the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on
Indian Retailing.
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16.Retailer's Perception on FDI: an Empirical Study of
Vijayawada City.
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17.Influence of International Financial Reporting Standards
on Taxation.
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18.An Insight into the Growth of New Retail Formats in India.I and IIDownload
19.A Study on Measuring Training Effectiveness Using Kirkpatrick's
Training Evaluation Model.
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20.Role of Talent Management in Banking System.I and IIDownload
21.Work-Life Balance Weights Quality of Work Life of Employees in
Steel Industry.
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22.Human Capital Management in Banking Sector in India: A Comparative
Study of Public and Private Sector Banks.
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