S.No.TitleVol. and
1.Isolation, identification and sequence analysis of insulin receptor
(INSR) gene mutations in Indian population.
I and IDownload
2.Management Ethics in Teacher's Education: A Case Study.I and IDownload
3.A Bird's Eye View on Insurance Fraud.I and IDownload
4.The Changing Environment of Life Insurance Industry.I and IDownload
5.Development of Rural Entrepreneurship through Micro Finance
Institutions: A Case Study.
I and IDownload
6.Decision Support System (DSS) for Capacity Planning.I and IDownload
7.Factors disturbing the Key Success of a Construction Project.I and IDownload
8.Factors associated with cigarette smoking among male students of colleges
of district, Hyderabad, Pakistan.
I and IDownload
9.GIS Trends Application to Mobile Communications.I and IDownload
10.Right to Education as Inclusive Policy In India.I and IDownload
11.Informal Retail Sector- A Glimpse of Livelihood And
Social Security of Street Vendors in Bangalore.
I and IDownload
12.Role of Pharma Industry in Indian Economy.I and IDownload
13.An Investigation into the Existence of Fads in the Initial Public
Offering Market in Indian Stock Market.
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14.Analysis of Capital Structure and Its Impact on Profitability in
M/s. Jindal Steel Works Limited.
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15.The Role of Commercial Banks in Financial Inclusion - With reference
to Krishna District: Andhra Pradesh.
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I and IDownload
17.Evaluating the Performance of Indian Mutual Funds Schemes:
Macroeconomic Factors as Performance Indicators.
I and IDownload
18.A Study on Motivational Factors For Women Entreprenurs in SPSR
Nellore District Andhra Pradesh.
I and IDownload
19.A Study on Perception of CA Students. Regarding Difficulties In
Implementing IFRS.
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20.Impact of Sex Appeal Advertising on Brand recall of Garments and
Personal Care Products. An Empirical Analysis.
I and IDownload
21.Mantra of Motivation as a Tool for Innovation Management.I and IDownload
22.Relation Between Intention To quit And Employee Commitment
Among Young Bankers in Godavari Districts.
I and IDownload
23.A Study on Human Resource Planning in Retail Sector.
(A Study with select Corporate Retail Stores in Visakhapatnam)
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24.Effects of TV Commercials on the Persuasive Behaviour of the Consumer -
A Case Study of University of Gujrat.
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25.Impact of Visual Merchandising factors on Trade Results of White Goods
and Electronics Stores.
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