S.No.TitleVol. and
1.Moderator Role of Emotional Intelligence on Behavioural Reactions to Job InsecurityIV and IDownload
2.A Study on Economic Analysis of Indian Tourism.IV and IDownload
3.Accident Preventive Policies for Effective Road Safety Management in India.IV and IDownload
4.Knowledge Management Practice in IT Industry.IV and IDownload
5.Pro's and Con's of Tourism Industry in India.IV and IDownload
6.Innovation and Patent Capability Development through Workable and
Result oriented Frameworks from Higher Education Institutes.
IV and IDownload
7.Issues and Prospects of Indian Urban Co-operative banks.IV and IDownload
8.A Study on Customer Satisfaction on Retail Markets in Kuppam Town.IV and IDownload
9.Changing Dimensions of Consumers towards Multiplexes in Vijayawada.IV and IDownload
10.Scope of growth for Organized Retailing in India.IV and IDownload
11.Marketing Mix of print Newspaper.IV and IDownload
12.A Study on Factors Affecting Employee Retention.IV and IDownload
13.The Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance.IV and IDownload
14.HR Management in Commercial Banks in India.IV and IDownload
15.Employee Satisfaction towards Compensation Policies -a Study reference to Aqua
Industry, Nellore District. Andhra Pradesh.
IV and IDownload